Address 3298 NE 11th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33334-2710
Phone Number +1-954-909-4556
WeForward Services & Pricing
0 - 4 lb ..... minimum charge of $24.99
4lb and over .....$6.99 per lb
10lb and over .....$10.00 per cube [we charge by the cubic measurement]
Standard Shipping (12-14 days) - Sea Freight (FL - DOM).
Shop more & Ship for less, with WeForward. You Order, WeForward.
USD $11.99 or XCD $29.99 .....per lb
Chargable weight is used [LxbxH/135]
Expedited Shipping (3-5 days) - Air Freight (FL - DOM)
FastForward, with WeForward.
Duration varies • Starting at XCD $24.99 (USD $9.99)
Barrels...$40 USD per barrel
Boxes.....$30.00 USD per box
Pick Up and Delivery service. No Time? No worries, WeDeliver.
Pick Up, Miami, Fl; Cargo to Miami Po
Request a Quote [7% - 10% of the value]
Your Personal Shopper. A purchasing and sourcing facility to find, quote, purchase and ship what your looking for at the prices you'll look forward to. Television? Appliances? Cars? We've got you.
D Container.....$120.00 USD
E Container.....$80.00 USD
$2.50 USD per Cube
Multiple orders? Need a shopper?
We package your orders, hassle-free. We pack it up so you don't have to. And ask about our PrivPacks; discrete packaging for those special orders.